Felix Street Leather

Leather Organizer Key Fob


This handcrafted leather key fob is a simple way to organize your keys. No more jingling or scratching other items in your pocket! Comes gift ready in a glossy black box with a gold ribbon.

• Measures 3" long x 1" wide
• Key hole must measure 4.5 mm or greater to fit on post
• Comes with a split ring to help with keys that don't fit through post
• Comes with a rubber spacer ring
• Fits most standard keys- up to 5
• Key chain pictured is raw branded
• Please note that due to the finish and texture of our leathers small breaks may appear in the foil branding. Foil branding will fade with age and when rubbed against other surfaces.

 ** "Natural" Leather Darkens over time** This process is called Patina. There are three ways patina occurs:

1. Over time
2. Oil
3. Sunlight --(Want to darken your leather products faster? "Bake" them out in the sun)!

 Our leather goods are entirely handmade in our studio in the USA! Each one is crafted with genuine, high quality, full-grain leather and constructed to our rigorous quality standards to provide you with a sturdy, beautiful, and reliable item that will last you a lifetime.


We brand letters for initials the same size. All items personalized in as provided. Up to 3 characters max.

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